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What Financial Compensation is Available to Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse in New Jersey?

July 24, 2020 | Posted In Sexual Assault

If you or your child has been victimized by a priest or other clergy member in New Jersey, you are entitled to financial compensation. You have the right to file a lawsuit, and you have the right to recover just compensation for all of your (or your child’s) financial and non-financial losses resulting from the abuse.

However, you may have also heard about the Independent Victim Compensation Program (IVCP). This is a program that was created by the Roman Catholic dioceses in Newark, Paterson, Metuchen, Trenton and Camden in 2019. The Diocese of Paterson’s website explains that “[t]he IVCP has been established to pay eligible victims who were sexually abused by priests and deacons of the Roman Catholic Church while minors.”

So, if you have a claim for clergy sexual abuse, which option should you choose? Should you file a civil lawsuit against the church, or should you initiate a claim under the IVCP?


Filing a Claim for Clergy Sexual Abuse in New Jersey

To be clear, if you or your child is a victim of clergy sexual abuse, you do not have to file a claim under the IVCP. Participation is strictly voluntary, and you should not file an IVCP claim if you do not believe it is in your best interest to do so. Ultimately, you will want to make your decision based on the advice of an experienced New Jersey clergy sexual abuse attorney; and, whichever option you choose, you will want to have your attorney represent you at every step along the way.

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