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What are the Different Types of Alimony in New Jersey?

May 26, 2021 | Posted In Family Law

New Jersey law recognizes several different types of alimony. Therefore, when going through a divorce, it is critical to make informed decisions about alimony and work with an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer to ensure that you are either: (i) seeking an appropriate amount or (ii) not agreeing to pay more than necessary.

5 Types of Alimony in New Jersey

1. Alimony Pendente Lite

Alimony pendente lite, also known as temporary alimony, is alimony that is paid during the divorce process. The purpose of alimony pendente lite is to allow each spouse to maintain their standard of living during their divorce. Alimony pendente lite ends when the spouses’ divorce becomes final.

2. Limited Duration Alimony

Limited duration alimony is paid for a specified period. This period of time may be measured in months or years, but a key characteristic of limited duration alimony is that it has a set end date. Absent special circumstances, an award of limited duration alimony generally will not exceed the length of the marriage.

3. Open Duration Alimony

Open duration alimony is paid for an unspecified time. Under New Jersey law, an award of open duration alimony is only appropriate if the couple’s marriage has lasted for 20 years or longer or if special situations call for the payment of spousal support for an unknown period.  

4. Rehabilitative Alimony

Rehabilitative alimony is similar to limited duration alimony in that it is only paid for a pre-determined time. The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to allow a financially dependent spouse to get the education or training necessary to secure a job and become self-supporting.

5. Reimbursement Alimony

Reimbursement alimony is intended to compensate one spouse for his or her financial contributions to the other spouse’s education or career advancement. Reimbursement alimony awards can include repayment of tuition, living expenses, and other costs related to the paying spouse’s efforts to obtain a degree, certification or training.

Which Type (or Types) of Alimony Can You or Your Spouse Seek?

Determining an appropriate alimony award in a divorce governed by New Jersey law requires a complete review of the facts and circumstances involved. The duration of the marriage and the couple’s financial circumstances are two key factors, but they are not the only factors that require consideration. If you are preparing to go through a divorce in New Jersey, you will want to sit down with a lawyer and discuss the details of your divorce so that you can make informed decisions about how to approach alimony (in addition to the various other issues involved).

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