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Survey: Infidelity is not No. 1 Reason for Divorce

October 12, 2011 | Posted In Resources - Family Law

In the year 2011, people are much more likely to get divorced because they fall out of love with each other, rather than because of infidelity on the part of one of the partners.  According to a recent survey, more people filing for divorce do so because they've growing apart or fallen out of love.

The survey was conducted in the UK, and according to the researchers, this is the first time since they began the survey 8 years ago that extramarital affairs are not the No.1  cause of divorce.  According to the matrimonial survey, the No. 1 cause of divorce in the UK is falling out of love, which was cited in 27% of divorce filings.  This is followed by infidelity, which was cited by 25% of the petitioners.  About 17% of people cited unreasonable behavior on the part of the other spouse as a factor in their divorce, while 10% mentioned midlife crisis and 6% mentioned physical and emotional abuse.

The study was conducted in the UK, but New Jersey divorce lawyers believe that the results would be more-or-less similar in the United States, too.  The researchers speculate that one of the reasons why infidelity has moved down the ladder as a factor in divorces is the large number of celebrity couples in the news who seem to move on after infidelity, without opting for divorce.

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