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Should You Go to Traffic Court if You Got a Ticket During the Holidays?

November 17, 2021 | Posted In Municipal Court

Getting a ticket can be annoying, especially during the holidays. It can be even more annoying to deal with going to court. So, do you need to go to court to fight your traffic ticket? Or, can you simply pay the fine and focus on enjoying the holiday season?

5 Reasons You Should Fight Your Traffic Ticket—Even During the Holidays

While you might not want to deal with your ticket right now, it is strongly in your best interests to do so. If you simply pay the fine (which means entering a guilty plea), this will be just the start of the costs of your ticket. Here are five reasons why you should go to traffic court—even if it means disrupting your holiday plans.

1. You May Be Required to Go to Court

Does your traffic ticket have a check next to “Court Appearance Required”? If so, then skipping your court date is not an option. If you do not show up in court, you will be at risk of facing additional penalties due to your failure to appear.

2. You May Be at Risk for More than Just a Fine

Depending on the specific charge (or charges) listed on your ticket, you could be at risk for more than just a fine. You could also be facing mandatory surcharges, a driver’s license suspension and even jail time.

3. Pleading Guilty Can Lead to Increased Insurance Premiums

In addition to any penalties you may be facing in court, pleading guilty will also lead to an increase in your insurance premiums. Having points on your record can increase your premiums by hundreds of dollars per year.  

4. You May Have Strong Defenses Available

Even if you know you broke the law, you could still have strong defenses available. The government will need to prove that you are guilty, and, if the government doesn’t have enough evidence or its evidence is unreliable (as is often the case), you are entitled to a dismissal.

5. You Can’t Put Your Traffic Court Case On Hold

As nice as it would be if you could call and reschedule your court date until after the holidays, this simply is not an option. You need to deal with your situation, and you need to deal with it on the court’s schedule.

Can I Negotiate a Plea Deal?

Negotiating a plea deal is an option in traffic ticket cases, and it could be your best option if you cannot avoid a conviction entirely. If you think negotiating a plea deal might make sense, you should discuss this approach with your attorney. However, you may still need to go to court before your attorney is able to negotiate a favorable deal.

Speak with an Attorney About Your New Jersey Traffic Ticket

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