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New Jersey Lawyers Rebuild Following Hurricane Sandy

December 3, 2012 | Posted In Personal Injury/Negligence - Personal Injury

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, residents are starting to rebuild, New Jersey personal injury attorneys report. The streets are being cleared and cleaned, schools are opening, and gas rationing has ended – all signs of hope in the devastated state. Most homes even have power again. Although normalcy is still a long way off, the recovery stage is over. And the legal community has banded together to help those in need.

New Jersey personal injury attorneys say that the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy will likely lead to an increase in insurance claims and personal injury claims, as people struggle to recover from the havoc wreaked by strong winds and heavy rainfall. The aftermath of Sandy has also affected law students, New Jersey attorneys report. Several days of cancelled classes have put this semester’s rigorous law school schedule behind, and now students and professors are working hard to make up for that lost time. Law schools have combined classes in order to provide make-up classes to as many students as possible.

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued a tolling order, extending the filing deadlines for court rules and statues of limitation from October 29th, the first day of the storm, to November 16th. All the documents filed within that three-week span were considered on time if filed by November 19th. Heavy water damage and power outages cut attorneys off from their clients and paperwork, and the state courts were closed for several days, so the extension came as a relief.

Legal media giant ALM reached out with donations to the American Red Cross and free replacements of the Law Journal Press and other law books for any firm whose offices have been damaged. ALM has also set up a relief program that will benefit three law firms hit hard by the storm. To register, lawyers must register their firm and fill out a brief application on ALM’s website. ALM will donate $2,500 along with free and discounted legal programs to the three selected firms.

As New Jersey rebuilds, the New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Helmer, Conley, and Kasselman are even stronger and more dedicated to the New Jersey citizens we serve. If you or your loved ones have been affected by Hurricane Sandy and are in need of legal advice or counsel, contact an experienced New Jersey attorney at our firm today.

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