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New Jersey Family Attorneys Discuss Dismissal of Child Psychologist

January 16, 2013 | Posted In Family Law - Family Law |

Marsha Kleinman, a leading New Jersey psychologist, was found guilty of misconduct and malpractice for manipulating her young clients into believing they had been sexually abused by their parents. New Jersey family lawyers say that Kleinman implanted false memories of abuse in children she helped, focusing particularly on the father as sexual abuser.

Kleinman coached her young clients to make abuse accusations, and often separated fathers from their children as a result. Administrative Law Judge Edith Klinger based her decision to revoke Kleinman’s license to practice psychology on specific complaints, one of which was a case involving a three-year-old girl, S.R. The girl’s parents, D.R., the father, and P.R., the mother, were going through a divorce. P.R. accused her husband of molesting the girl, and enlisted Kleinman’s help in proving the abuse through therapy.

Klinger examined the situation and found that Kleinman had, instead of determining the existence of abuse, set out to prove abuse through leading questions and a system of rewards with candy and presents to elicit the answers she wanted. By doing so, the psychologist “lied to the family court, committed gross malpractice, and…endangered the emotional health of a three year old girl, ” Klinger ruled. Drawing out a false confession from S.R. violated Kleinman’s role as psychologist, and Klinger ruled that the psychologist’s license should be revoked because of her improper techniques. Kleinman also made claims against D.R., telling judges that he had threatened her and been verbally abusive over recorded phone lines. These claims, when investigated, did not pan out.

New Jersey family lawyers say that psychologists like Kleinman endanger the family structure and prevent parents from exercising their full rights in terms of custody and access to their children. False accusations of abuse, especially when backed by a professional’s interviews and testimony, can be particularly damning for a parent, and Kleinman’s influence was widespread in New Jersey.

The New Jersey family attorneys at Helmer, Conley, and Kasselman warn accused parents to thoroughly investigate claims of abuse against them, and to retain a lawyer early in order to protect their rights. Kleinman’s misuse of her professional power endangered several young children, and may have cost many fathers custody and even jail time. If you or a loved one face a similar situation, contact the experienced NJ family attorneys at Helmer Legal today.

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