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New Jersey Domestic Violence

May 20, 2011 | Posted In Resources - Criminal Law, Family Law

New Jersey has strict laws against domestic violence, which makes it all the more important that you consult with a New Jersey criminal defense attorney when you have been charged with domestic violence.

In New Jersey, domestic violence can involve not just a husband and wife, but people in an assortment of other relationships.   Domestic violence charges can involve any of the following people

  • Ex-spouse;
  • Girlfriend/boyfriend;
  • Two people who have a child together;
  • Cohabitants/ex-cohabitants;
  • Roommates/ex-roommates; or
  • Other family or household members.

Under New Jersey laws, if the assault has resulted in an injury, then police officers are required to arrest the suspect.  Even if there is no sign of injury, police may make an arrest in response to a complaint of domestic violence.  In many cases, a judge may choose to issue a restraining order against the suspect. 

If you face a restraining order, you must know that this can dramatically impact your life.  You may be required to stay away from your home, as well as your children.  In the meantime, you may also be required to continue maintaining household expenses, including paying the mortgage or rent, even if you do not live in the home.  You will also be prohibited from trying to contact the accuser and your children.  Even telephone and e-mail contact may be barred.  Moreover, if you try to violate the terms of the restraining order, a judge could sentence you to jail.

With regard to a restraining order, it is very important to know that if a final restraining order is entered against you, than you cannot own any type of firearm, or even go hunting with a gun or rifle.  If you work in security, it can be a career ender, as well as in service careers, such as nursing or teaching. 

It is very important to speak with a New Jersey domestic violence attorney as soon as you have been charged.  It is possible to get domestic violence charges dropped and your restraining order terminated subsequently.

The New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Helmer Paul Conley and Kasselman represent persons charged with DUI, assault, murder, sex crimes and other crimes across New Jersey.

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