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New Jersey Domestic Violence Bill Will Make It Harder To Post Bail

November 19, 2010 | Posted In Recent News

A package of bills that includes a measure that would impose tougher bail conditions in restraining order-violation cases has advanced in the New Jersey Assembly

The package contains three bills, all of which address civil and criminal protections for domestic violence victims.  One of the bills deals with bail conditions for persons accused of violating domestic violence-related restraining orders.  The bill has been sponsored by Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, D-3.  It would bar persons charged with violating a domestic violence-related restraining order from being able to post 10 percent of their bail amount to get out of jail.  Currently, the laws allow persons charged with restraining order violations to be released on bail that can be as little as $50. 

The other two bills in the package are related to the rights of domestic violence victims.  One measure would create a self-defense justification for victims, by making evidence surrounding a restraining order admissible, while determining if someone protected by these orders was justified in using force to defend herself/himself.  Another measure would extend protections to victims of domestic violence who have had to break a lease.

It is the bill providing for restricted bail conditions for persons who violate domestic violence-related restraining orders that concerns New Jersey domestic violence attorneys the most.  If the bill does become law, persons accused of domestic violence in New Jersey would find it much, much tougher to post bail than they do right now.

Persons who face a Temporary or Final Restraining Order may find their rights compromised.  Restraining orders can prevent you from seeing your children.  Violations of restraining orders could result in jail time, or even fines.  In a situation like this, an experienced lawyer can help you protect your rights.

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