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New Jersey Bill Would Stop Hiring of Undocumented Immigrants

August 4, 2011 | Posted In Recent News - Immigration |

A bill that would place severe restrictions on the hiring of undocumented workers in New Jersey is quickly gaining support.  The bill would require New Jersey employers to accurately verify that any people they hire are legal residents before these people are employed.

If the bill becomes law, then employees in New Jersey will be required to use the federal E-verify electronic database to screen potential new hires and determine that they have their immigration documents in order.  An employer who fails to use the E-verify database to screen new hires could face penalties to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.  According to the bill’s promoters, only legal residents of the United States should be eligible for employment.

The legislation is being widely supported by Republican lawmakers, but not Democrats. New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control has also come out strongly in support of the bill.

The U.S. immigration system is highly complex, and as the population and diversity of the country increases, immigration-related issues are likely to become even more complicated.  There are rules and regulations that must be followed precisely and specifics to be addressed before your case begins to move forward. 

A person who is not represented by experienced immigration legal counsel may find that his case gets dragged out for months, often years, until it is settled.  Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer could substantially cut down the amount of time that it takes to resolve your immigration-related matter.

The New Jersey immigration lawyers at Helmer Paul Conley and Kasselman represent persons in visa, green card and citizenship-related matters, deportation, asylum, family and work-based immigration and other immigration-related issues across New Jersey.

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