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New Jersey Anti-DUI Enforcement Campaign Underway

December 26, 2011 | Posted In Recent News - Criminal Law |

The year's most intensive anti-drunk driving campaign is already underway in New Jersey.  Over the next few days, additional police officers will be stationed across New Jersey, pulling motorists over and administering sobriety tests.

In New Jersey, this year’s anti-drunk driving campaign is called Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.  Approximately 100 local police agencies, as well as the New Jersey State Police, are taking part in the campaign.  These agencies have received funds to conduct saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints.  In all, more than $500,000 in funds has been disbursed to these agencies to conduct the anti-DUI efforts.    Close to 100 law enforcement agencies across New Jersey have received grants of approximately $5,000 each.  The campaign began on December 5, and is expected to continue through January 2.

Last year, the DUI campaign at this time of the year resulted in 2,115 DWI arrests.  Police issued approximately 8,600 speeding tickets and more than 5,000 seatbelt tickets.  Additionally, more than 2,000 fugitives were arrested during the DUI campaign.

The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety is advising motorists to stay sober and safe this holiday season.  If you're drinking, take mass transit home or call for a taxi.  Ask a sober friend to drive you home.  If you can, arrange to spend the night somewhere rather than drive yourself home in an intoxicated state.  Remember, your chances of being arrested for  DUI spike dramatically during the last week of the year.

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