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New Child Support Legislation Will Help Track down Deadbeat Parents

November 10, 2010 | Posted In Recent News - Family Law

For single-parent families in New Jersey, child support payments can mean the difference between being able to make ends meet and being forced to apply for public assistance.  It's not just the families in this case who suffer, but also the state’s already stressed financial resources.  New legislation being promoted by New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley could help track down parents who are absconding on child support payments and have moved across state lines.

Leaving state lines is a common tactic that deadbeat parents use to avoid paying child support payments.  Leaving the state can make it difficult for the state to track these parents down.  Tracking down these parents does more than simply help the families that have been left to fend for themselves.  It also helps fill the state's coffers, because the state receives a small percentage of the collection.

The new legislation will create uniform rules that all states will have to follow when they enforce child support rules.  It will allow child support payments to be expedited to a child who is living in another state.  States will be required to participate in the registry, and thus make sure that every person's child support obligation is clearly accounted for on his documents, including insurance papers and even lottery winnings.  The legislation also goes beyond financial matters.  States will also be required to report on what measures they are taking to make it easier for the noncustodial parent to visit his children.

If you're currently involved in child support disputes, or have had trouble collecting child support, consult with an experienced New Jersey family lawyer at Helmer Paul Conley and Kasselman.

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