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Divorce Blog Raises Questions about Free Speech

August 16, 2011 | Posted In Recent News - Family Law |

A Pennsylvania man who began blogging about his ex-wife after a nasty divorce is claiming that a judge violated his rights to free speech by ordering him to shut down the blog.

The man, Anthony Morelli, started the blog titled in 2007 after a nasty split with his wife, Alison.  It was initially meant to be a platform for Morelli to rant about his ex-spouse.  On the blog, Morelli ripped his ex-wife to shreds, calling her a bad mother, among other unpleasant names.  The blog became popular with other divorced men, and his horrified ex-wife demanded that he shut the website down.

At a custody hearing in June, a judge ordered him to stop blogging and take down the website.  She also ordered him never to talk about his ex-wife on a public platform again and to avoid mentioning his children on an online forum except to wish them well on birthdays. 

That didn't stop Morelli.  After the judge's order, he posted two entries on the blog.  In the first post, he criticized the judge's order.  In the second, he offered readers an extensive and entertaining account of the drama with his ex-wife.  His ex-wife's concern is that the website could cause emotional damage to their children, who are already Internet-savvy.

Morelli has appealed to the Superior Court, claiming that his rights to free speech have been violated by the judge's actions.

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