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Did Antony Weiner’s Sexting Constitute a Crime?

July 5, 2011 | Posted In Recent News - Criminal Law

The sexting scandal involving ex-congressman Anthony Weiner has brought up several legal questions involving sex crimes.  Those questions grew louder after law enforcement officers in Delaware recently confirmed that they had been interviewing a teenage girl who had online communications with the congressman.

Up until then, the belief was that most of the recipients of those titillating messages and Tweets that Weiner sent were adult women.  However, Delaware police soon confirmed that they spoke to a teenage girl who also had an online friendship with Weiner.  The congressman’s office issued a statement saying that his communication with the 17-year-old girl was not indecent or explicit.

Police officers in Delaware did not find anything in the teenager's interview that pointed to any inappropriate communication between her and the congressman.  According to officers, the teenager did not disclose any information that indicated any criminal activity.   The communication between Weiner and the teenager was very different from the e-mails and tweets that he had exchanged with adult women.

If Weiner had exchanged the same kind of photographs or texts with the young teenager from Delaware that he did with the adult women, he could have been charged under sex crime laws. An adult sexting a minor is a serious crime.

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