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Charged with a Crime in NJ: Proving Your Innocence

March 29, 2021 | Posted In Criminal Law

You’ve been charged with a crime you didn’t commit, and now you need to fight for your freedom even though you’ve done nothing wrong. What do you need to do to avoid a conviction, and what can you do to end this nightmare as quickly as possible?

Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon. While most police officers in New Jersey are good at what they do, sometimes they get it wrong. Sometimes the evidence might point to a particular suspect when in fact, someone else committed the crime. It is also possible to face charges when no crime has been committed. While this is a tough situation, there are defense strategies available.  

Proving That You Are Innocent of an Alleged Crime in New Jersey

There are many potential ways to prove that you are innocent of an alleged crime. However, it is important to note that the specific defense strategies that are available will vary from case to case. With this in mind, some possible ways to prove your innocence in New Jersey include:

  • Alibi – If you can prove that you were somewhere else when the alleged crime was committed, this is referred to as having an “alibi.” Establishing an alibi can be a highly effective way to prove that you are innocent of the charges against you.
  • Witness Testimony – Witness testimony can be used to prove innocence in two different ways: First, if a witness can testify as to your location, you may be able to use this to help establish your alibi. Second, if a witness can testify to seeing someone else commit the crime, this may allow you to avoid a conviction as well.  
  • Video Footage – Similar to witness testimony, video footage (i.e., cell phone camera, traffic camera or security camera footage) can be used to establish an alibi and/or prove that someone else committed the crime in question.
  • Cell Phone or GPS Data – If your cell phone’s tracking data or your vehicle’s GPS data show that you were not in the area of the alleged crime at the time it supposedly took place, this can also help prove that you are innocent.
  • Employment (or Other) Records – Were you working when the alleged crime took place? Were you at your doctor’s office or anywhere else where there might be records of your presence? If so, obtaining these records could prove key to your defense.

Relying on the Prosecution’s Burden of Proof

While proving your innocence is one option, don’t forget that the prosecution has the burden of proof. Even if you cannot prove your innocence, if you can prevent the prosecution from proving your guilt, this is enough to avoid a conviction at trial.

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