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Research Indicates 25% of Women Are Victims of Domestic Violence

February 10, 2012 | Posted In Criminal Law - Domestic Violence

Federal agencies recently released data that shows that 1 out of every 4 women is a victim of domestic violence by an intimate partner.  Those numbers are much higher than those seen in earlier reports and are of great concern to New Jersey domestic violence lawyers.

The report was prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and was based on a telephone survey of about 9,000 women.  The report concludes that as many as 29 million women have been subjected to some form abuse by their intimate partner.  These intimate partners include boyfriends and spouses. 

The abuse in the report included “severe and frightening abuse,” including choking, stabbing, beating, punching and hair pulling.  If you include the number of women who have been slapped, pushed and shoved, the number of women who have suffered domestic violence shoots up to 36 million.

However, it's not possible to establish the veracity of these surveys.  The survey does not offer documentation or any other evidence of that the respondent was subjected to physical violence.  The claims were all made anonymously. 

Even so, federal agencies are calling the results of the survey “astounding.”  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that it is the first time that the agency has found an estimate like this for intimate partner violence. 

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