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New Jersey Spring Break and DUI Arrests

March 19, 2012 | Posted In Criminal Law - Arrests, DUI/DWI |

Any New Jersey DUI lawyer will tell you that, in spite of laws banning the possession of alcohol by anyone below the age of 21, underage drinking is widespread.   Underage drinking in the country reaches its highest levels around important drinking holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.  Also on that list is Spring Break vacation, which also sees large number of teens arrested for driving under the influence.

New Jersey DUI Lawyers Warn of Aggressive Enforcement This Spring Break

Across New Jersey, many college students are gearing up for the non-stop celebrating that is often the focus of spring break.  Much of that revelry will include the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol.  College students often disregard the anti-drunk driving campaigns warning motorists against driving under the influence.  Many college students fail to realize that a DUI arrest in New Jersey carries serious consequences.

In New Jersey, a motorist driving under the influence can be fined up to $1,000 and can lose his license for a period of three months if his blood alcohol concentration level is between .08% and .10%.  However, in the case of motorists found driving with blood alcohol concentration levels of above .10%, the loss of license can extend for a period of one year and these motorists can be sentenced to 30 days in prison. 

Since spring break festivities frequently include binge drinking and excessive alcohol consumption, the blood-alcohol levels of these motorists are likely to exceed .10%, exposing them to more severe DUI penalties.  New Jersey DUI lawyers recommend appointing a designated driver or abstaining from alcohol consumption before operating a motor vehicle in order to stay safe and avoid a DUI conviction this spring break.

The New Jersey DUI lawyers at Helmer Paul Conley and Kasselman represent persons charged with DUI and facing license suspension across New Jersey.

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