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New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Note Increase in Motorcycle Accident Fatalities

The reduction in motorcycle accident fatalities that New Jersey personal injury lawyers had witnessed in the past couple for years ended in 2011. 

Last year, according to preliminary statistics, saw no improvement in the motorcycle fatality rate across the country.  In fact, when the final numbers are tallied later this year, transportation safety authorities believe that the number of fatalities in 2011 will be the same as in 2010.  Approximately 4,500 motorcyclists perished in 2011.

New Jersey was one of the states that reported an increase in motorcycle accident fatalities over 2010.  In the first nine months of 2011, 79 motorcycle accident fatalities occurred, compared to 60 fatalities during the same period of time in 2010.

The rise in motorcycle accident deaths is especially perplexing because auto accident fatalities are at an all-time low [link to June 20th post when posted].  In 2011, the number of people killed in car accidents dropped to the lowest levels in decades indicating that transportation safety authorities have developed methods of preventing motor vehicle accidents involving, and have been able to apply these techniques in order to reduce fatality rates. However, in spite of awareness about motorcycle safety, motorcycle deaths continue to climb.

Some of the states that have reported a decline in motorcycle accident fatalities last year have all-rider motorcycle helmet laws, and have invested in increasing awareness about the need to respect motorcyclists’ rights.  Additionally, these states have focused on encouraging law enforcement activities aimed at preventing these accidents.  These initiatives have borne fruit, and are reflected in lower fatality rates. Perhaps New Jersey should enact similar policies.

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