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New Jersey Family Lawyers Find More Parents Using Technology to Control Parental Rights

September 25, 2012 | Posted In Family Law - Family Law

New Jersey family lawyers often recommend that parents set aside their personal feelings when it comes to issues affecting their children.  In the 21st century, technological advances allow parents to communicate about their children, child custody, and other matters via telephone, Skype or e-mail.  According to a new study, however, many parents are using communication tools to block the other parent’s access to the children instead of enhancing it.

The study analyzed the relationships of 49 divorced parents and how they used communication technology.  The researchers found that the parents who got along well with each other were likely to use technological tools to share their parental responsibilities and improve the child's access to each parent.

Ex-spouses who were hostile to each other, however, were much more likely to use technological tools like texting and e-mails to limit the child's access to the other parent and to undermine the relationship between the former spouse and child.  For instance, these parents were more likely to pretend they had never received an e-mail from the other parent when they had.

New Jersey Family Lawyers Recommend Use of Technology for Mutually Beneficial Parenting

In any child custody arrangement, it is important that parents understand how technology can be used to manage their parenting arrangements.  Even if your divorce has been difficult and you do not relish the thought of talking face-to-face with your ex-partner about matters related to your children, you can communicate via Skype, IM, e-mail, and other tools. You can also use these tools to help the children maintain a positive relationship with their other parent.

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