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New Jersey Family Lawyers Concerned about Accuracy of Tests by Mobile Paternity Clinic

September 26, 2012 | Posted In Family Law - Family Law |

A mobile DNA testing clinic located inside a recreational vehicle recently began offering instant DNA testing.  Operated by a company called Health Street, the clinic is the brainchild of an entrepreneur responding to the demand for DNA testing in the area.  However, New Jersey family lawyers question the accuracy of the tests performed by the mobile clinic.

Getting a DNA test from the mobile clinic is as simple as flagging the truck down and providing a DNA sample, which is taken with a cotton swab from the inner cheek.  The actual collection of the sample takes about ten minutes. The sample is then sent to an Ohio lab for testing and results are typically available within three to five business days. The test requires a prescription from a physician, which can be faxed to the mobile clinic.

According to Health Street, the mobile clinic performs as many as five tests per day and as many as 100 tests per month.  The tests cost about $299 each.

New Jersey Family Lawyers Recommend Accredited Sources for Paternity Testing

Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the results from mobile clinic DNA testing.  Do-it-yourself DNA testing kits for home use have been found to be at risk of contamination, and a mobile clinic presents similar concerns.

If you want a paternity test, New Jersey family lawyers recommend that you visit a lab or facility that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).  Accredited facilities must meet certain standards for accuracy in paternity tests and other procedures.

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