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New Jersey Family Lawyers Advise Parents about Co-parenting Challenges

September 24, 2012 | Posted In Family Law - Custody

While a New Jersey family lawyer can help parents develop a child custody plan that works for both parents and children, the parents must make sure that the schedule works for the child.  No two co-parenting arrangements are exactly alike; each one is tailored to the parents' and child's needs, and different parents face different challenges with co-parenting arrangements.

According to a recent Kansas State University study, the kind of relationship that former spouses have with one another may affect their ability to co-parent effectively. For instance, former spouses that described their relationship as “continuously contentious” also reported strong financial concerns, frustration at delayed child support payments, a history of control or abuse, and the inability to separate marital issues from the co-parenting situation.  Parents in situations like these were also more likely to worry about the quality of the co-parenting arrangement.

Meanwhile, parents who reported that they had an amicable co-parenting relationship with their ex-partner also reported that they got along very well with their ex-partners and had a co-parenting arrangement that was beneficial to the children.

Finally, ex-spouses who reported “bad-to-better” relationships with their former partners said that the co-parenting agreement was initially contentious and hostile but improved over time.  These study results demonstrate that the parents' relationship with one another often affects their ability to co-parent effectively.

New Jersey Family Lawyers Recommend Pre-Custody Counseling

In the Kansas State University study, approximately 45 percent of the parents surveyed reported “continuously contentious” parenting relationships, while only 20 percent reported “amicable” co-parenting relationships.  Thirty-five percent reported “bad-to-better” co-parenting relationships.

These results suggest that many parents struggle with hostility towards each other, which affects their co-parenting relationship.  To help parents work together effectively for the sake of their children, many New Jersey family lawyers recommend pre-custody counseling that focuses on co-parenting issues and solutions.

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