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NJ Injury Lawyers Discuss Red Light Camera Legislation

October 10, 2012 | Posted In Criminal Law - Criminal Law

When drivers fail to heed traffic lights, serious consequences can result. However, as experienced NJ injury lawyers know, red light cameras at intersections aren't always the answer.

To address potential problems with red light camera timing, a group of New Jersey legislators has proposed legislation that would give drivers an additional second-and-a-half to get through intersections with red light cameras. Yellow lights would last for an additional second, and drivers would have a half-second grace period after the light turns red to move through the intersection. The bill also would decrease the tickets issued as a result of the red light cameras from $85 to $20.

Theoretically, the timing of a stoplight with a red light camera depends on the speed of 85% of the vehicles travelling through the intersection. In June 2012, New Jersey ceased using red light cameras based on concerns that the yellow lights' current timing was not giving drivers enough time to travel through intersections equipped with red-light cameras. In late July, however, the New Jersey Department of Transportation reinstated the cameras after determining that the cameras complied with state law.

Nevertheless, the red light camera pilot program, which placed red light cameras in 25 cities and towns throughout New Jersey, has remained a source of controversy. Critics of the program say it is another source of revenue for the state and local government units. The city of Newark, which has installed 19 red light cameras, collected $3.7 million from camera-related tickets in the first six months of 2012. Advocates of the program, however, deem the program to be highly effective in promoting safety on the roadways.

NJ injury lawyers often see the consequences when drivers disregard traffic signals and other traffic laws. Running a red light can cause an accident resulting in serious injuries or even death. Fortunately, New Jersey law holds those who violate traffic laws accountable for their actions.

The NJ injury lawyers of Helmer, Conley & Kasselman represent motor vehicle accident victims throughout the state of New Jersey.

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