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Holiday Cybercrimes

December 28, 2016 | Posted In Internet Law

There was a time when stores were all closed the day after Thanksgiving and no one had ever heard of days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Fast forward to 2016, and consumers spent 3.39 billion dollars on Cyber Monday alone.  With this level of online shopping, it is especially important for New Jersey residents to be aware of interactive web sites and the possibility of cybercrimes.

Cyber Safety Tips

During the holiday season and after, it is important for New Jersey residents to take extra precautions to avoid cybercrimes, including:

  • Suspicious Emails: If you did not initiate the contact, be careful of any emails.  Be especially wary of emails that are promising deep discounts or values on sold out items during the holiday season as many are merely traps by cybercriminals seeking to infect your computer or mobile device with malware or to ask you for personal and confidential information.
  • Online Shopping: Restrict your online shopping to websites that you know and trust.  Too often, holiday shoppers go beyond trusted retailers looking for bargains only to be lead astray by cybercriminals.

Cybercrime Statistics

The United States Department of Justice Offices of the United States Attorneys warns that cybercrime is “one of the greatest threats facing our country, and has enormous implications for our national security, economic prosperity, and public safety”  and the FBI reports that cybercrimes are becoming more dangerous and more sophisticated. 

If those statistics do not scare the average citizen, Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, states that cybercrimes occur more frequently than non-cybercrimes in some EU countries and Forbes projects that cybercrime costs will reach 2 trillion dollars by 2019. 

New Jersey Cybercrimes

The state of New Jersey takes cybercrimes very seriously, developing a New Jersey State Police Cyber Crimes Unit to investigate crimes such as:

  • Data theft
  • Online ID theft
  • Internal compromises
  • Account hijackings
  • Unauthorized access to computers
  • Altering or damaging computer software or databases

If you are investigated or charged with a cybercrime, you need an experienced cybercrimes and computer hacking defense attorney.  New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice 2C:20-25 covers computer criminal activity and provides that an individual can be charged with a first degree felony based on the exact nature of the offense.  Other statutes can also apply and only an experienced New Jersey Cybercrime Lawyer can determine what laws apply to your case. 

Contact a New Jersey Cybercrime Attorney Today

Nationwide, New Jersey ranks ninth for the overall greatest cybercrimes losses, totaling 21.33 million dollars annually.  As state and federal officials crack down on cybercrimes to minimize these losses, if you are investigated or charged with a cybercrime, you need the New Jersey cybercrime lawyers at Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A.  Our team of experienced lawyers are familiar with both state and federal laws that apply to cybercrimes and they are prepared to work with you during every step of your case from the initial investigation through trial and sentencing if necessary.  Call today to speak to one of our cybercrime lawyers.

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