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Divorce in the Facebook Age

June 16, 2010 | Posted In Resources - Family Law |

Forget about the detective in a trench coat snooping on your ex-wife, trying to dig up dirt about her personal life for your divorce attorney to use as ammo. These days, your New Jersey divorce lawyer is much more likely to find all the ammo he needs on the Internet, and more specifically, Facebook.

Facebook is turning into a treasure trove for divorce and family lawyers. According to a recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 66% of lawyers find Facebook a fertile ground for all the information they need.

More and more divorce lawyers around the country have been able to use Facebook information in their cases. From cheating wives to alcoholic husbands, Facebook pages are full of lurid details and incriminating images that the owners probably didn't think twice before posting.

The fact is that when you're alone in front of the computer, you're much more likely to spill out thoughts, say what's on your mind, or share hysterical details about how you got drunk and threw up outside the bar last night. That might seem like harmless information if you're a college student, not so much if you're a woman in the middle of a messy divorce battle, fighting for custody of her kids. Details like this don't look good in a divorce court. More and more Americans are finding this out the hard way.

The first piece of advice a New Jersey divorce attorney would give you when you file for divorce, is to immediately close down your Facebook account. There are just too many things you can share unknowingly or unwittingly, and the damage from these can be devastating. Many people tend to add the friends, relatives and colleagues of their spouse to their list of friends. Anything you share on a Facebook page can be shared by these people with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. A simple screenshot of your Facebook wall can stand as strong proof against you.

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