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New Jersey Car Accident Attorneys Warn of Higher Risk of Traffic Accident Injuries in Poor Neighborhoods

June 18, 2012 | Posted In Personal Injury/Negligence - Traffic Accident

Congested streets, higher population density, and poorly designed roads – these are some of the reasons why people who live in low-income neighborhoods may be at a higher risk of suffering injuries in traffic accidents than their wealthier counterparts.

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health, people who reside in poor neighborhoods are six times more likely to be seriously injured in traffic accidents than those who live in wealthier neighborhoods.  As part of the study, researchers analyzed thousands of accidents at intersections in Montréal.  Accidents at intersections are typically some of the most serious accidents and result in devastating injuries. 

When the researchers compared the number of accidents that occurred in areas with a high proportion of wealthier residents with accident numbers in low-income areas, they found that people in poorer areas were more likely to be injured in accidents.  Why? First, poorer neighborhoods have a higher population density.  Crowded streets typically lead to more traffic accidents.  Second, in poorer neighborhoods, intersection design is often more accident-friendly. For example, poor neighborhoods tend to have more four-way intersections rather than three-way intersections which are believed to be safer.  On the other hand, wealthier neighborhoods contain more three-way intersections. 

Poorer neighborhoods are also likely to contain at least one major traffic artery.  Approximately 30% of the intersections in poor neighborhoods in the study included such traffic features, which can be accident magnets. New Jersey car accident lawyers know that higher traffic volumes pose a greater risk of serious traffic injuries. .

Finally, people living in low-income areas are more likely to walk to their destination because they don’t have access to motorized transportation. Better street design and safety helps to relieve traffic congestion and reduce the number of injuries that impact residents of poor neighborhoods.

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