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NJ Suspends Red Light Cameras

July 2, 2012 | Posted In Administrative Law - Administrative Law

New Jersey Lawyers Comment on Dramatic DOT Announcement 

Last week, the New Jersey State Department of Transportation suspended dozens of red light cameras that have been installed across the state.  The suspension will remove cameras from 63 of the 85 intersections where these systems were installed.  Cameras in 21 of 25 towns are expected to be affected by the suspension.  These towns have been ordered to immediately stop issuing tickets for violators.

The red light camera program began in 2008 to record drivers who violate a red light. The cameras, which photographs violators, were installed in several towns.  A driver who violates a red light receives a summons by mail.

The Department of Transportation insists that yellow lights at some of these intersections are installed in such a way that they do not allow motorists enough time to brake before the red light. The DOT now intends to scrutinize the timing of each light and lights that do not have a long-running yellow light will be removed from the program. All red light cameras in a number of cities including Newark, Palisades Park, Wayne, Englewood Cliffs, Edison, Monroe, Brick, Lawrence, and Cherry Hill are expected to be affected by the suspension.  In addition, at least one camera in Jersey City and Woodbridge are expected to be suspended during the review. 

The DOT has issued a statement saying that the duration of yellow lights at 22 of the intersections where red light camera systems have been installed met the minimum timing requirement outlined in the legislation. 

According to a representative for the Transportation Commissioner, the cameras will continue taking pictures, and will continue in operation even while the agency is reviewing the cameras.  If problems are found with the cameras, however, some violations may be eliminated.

The New Jersey lawyers at Helmer Paul Conley and Kasselman represent persons who have been charged with traffic violations across New Jersey. If you have received a red light summons, and have paid the ticket, then you may have a special cause of action.  Consult with a New Jersey lawyer at our firm to discuss your rights.

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