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New Jersey Traffic Violations Lawyer: Traffic Violation FAQs

New Jersey Traffic Violation FAQs: What Do You Need to Know if You Got Pulled Over?

Q: If I got a traffic ticket in New Jersey, am I going to lose my driver’s license?

It depends. Under New Jersey’s point system, it takes 12 points to trigger a driver’s license suspension, and the maximum number of points that can be imposed for a single traffic violation is five. So, in order to determine whether your driving privileges are at risk, you need to know (i) how many points you have currently, and (ii) how many points you could incur as a result of your most-recent ticket.

But, certain offenses can result in a driver’s license suspension regardless of the number of points on your record. Driving under the influence, driving without a license, and driving without insurance are all traffic violations that can result in the immediate suspension of your driving privileges.

Q: When do points come off of my New Jersey driving record?

Under New Jersey law, three points are deducted from your driving record each year you go without a traffic violation. However, even if all of your points get deducted, you could still have to pay surcharges, and your insurance company can continue to charge you increased premiums.

Q: What are surcharges?

Surcharges are additional financial penalties that you are required to pay to the State of New Jersey if you accumulate six or more points on your driving record. They start at $150 per year (but can potentially go much higher) and are imposed for three years.

Q: Will fighting my ticket keep my auto insurance rates from going up?

Potentially, yes. Auto insurance companies increase drivers’ rates based on their accumulated points and the specific traffic violations for which they get convicted. So, if you negotiate a plea deal for a reduced charge or obtain a not-guilty verdict in court, you could potentially save yourself several hundred dollars per year.

Q: If I know I am guilty, should I just pay the fine and move on?

No. By paying the fine you are pleading guilty to your New Jersey traffic violation, and this can trigger all of the consequences discussed above. In order to protect yourself, you need to enter a not-guilty plea in court and then work with a traffic court defense lawyer to seek to have your charge reduced or dismissed.

Q: How can a defense lawyer help me?

From negotiating a plea deal to challenging the admissibility of the prosecution’s evidence, there are many ways a traffic violations defense lawyer can help you regardless of the circumstances involved in your case. To learn more in a confidential initial consultation, contact us today.

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