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If you have been charged with a crime, you need to prepare for the fight of your life. While having an arrest on your record can be damaging enough, if you get convicted, your life could barely resemble what it once was. New Jersey law imposes significant penalties for all types of serious criminal offenses; and, beyond fines and jail time, losing your driving privileges, registering as a sex offender and other penalties could lead to a lifetime of consequences.

At Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A., we provide aggressive defense representation for individuals facing criminal charges in Flemington, NJ. We are vigorous advocates for our clients, and we are passionate about defending the unjustly accused. Whether you believe you are innocent or your best option is to focus on minimizing the consequences of your arrest, a Flemington criminal defense attorney can help you, and we will use our defense attorneys’ centuries of combined legal experience to fight for the best possible outcome at trial.

Defense Attorneys for Criminal Cases in Flemington, NJ

Our criminal defense practice involves representing clients in state and federal trials and appeals. We handle cases involving all criminal charges, including all grades of disorderly persons offenses and indictable offenses under New Jersey law. This includes representing clients facing substantial criminal penalties for:

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is a serious crime. Those convicted can face years or decades in prison (often with a requirement to serve 85 percent of their sentence before becoming eligible for parole). Aggravated assault is a more-serious crime than “simple” assault, and typically involves circumstances such as brandishing a weapon, assaulting a police officer or public official, or causing serious bodily harm.


The crime of arson involves a deliberate act to set fire to a house, business, vehicle or vacant property. Similar to aggravated assault, arson carries the potential for long-term imprisonment (and other penalties), with the potential for a mandatory minimum sentence equal to 85 percent of the total prison time imposed.

Assault & Battery

In New Jersey, battery is considered a form of assault. “Simple” assault is a disorderly persons offense carrying the potential for up to a $1,000 fine and six months of jail time, while aggravated assault is a much more serious offense, as discussed above.

Child/Domestic Abuse

New Jersey classifies child abuse and domestic abuse as “serious crime[s] against society.” As a result, along with fines and jail time, those convicted can face a litany of other penalties, including (but not limited to): restraining orders, loss of parental rights, loss of the right to carry a firearm, and forced participation in psychological counseling.

Drug Crimes

State and federal drug crimes range in severity, with specific charges varying depending upon the specific drug(s) and quantity(ies) involved. We represent clients in Flemington, NJ facing charges for all types of drug crimes, including:

  • Cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs
  • Driving under the influence of drugs (DUID)
  • Illegal possession, use and distribution of prescription medications
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute
  • Violations of the New Jersey Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act


The crime of escape includes not only leaving police custody, jail or prison while in state custody, but also not returning to a state facility or halfway house when required, and even failing to report for parole. A first-time escape conviction can result in five years of incarceration and/or placement in a maximum-security prison.


Fraud is a broad term that encompasses a variety of state and federal offenses. We represent individuals, health care providers, company executives, and others facing charges in Flemington, NJ for:

  • Bank fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery, counterfeiting and criminal simulation
  • Insurance fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Mail or wire fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Odometer fraud
  • Tax fraud


The crimes of murder and manslaughter involve the killing of another by negligence, recklessly or with criminal intent. While specific murder and manslaughter charges can vary significantly in terms of potential severity, all charges carry the potential for life-altering consequences (including a potential life sentence for murder).

Parole/Probation Violations

Violating the terms of parole or probation is a more-serious offense than most people realize. If you on probation, even a “minor” violation could result in immediate imprisonment; and, if you are out on parole, being convicted of a parole violation will likely mean being sent back to jail, and potentially for an extended sentence.

Resisting Arrest

Similar to escape, resisting arrest (or “obstruction”) can be charged under a broad range of circumstances. While you are generally required to submit to police custody in New Jersey, there are exceptions; and, depending on the facts of your case, our attorneys may be able to use these exceptions to defend you.

Robbery/ Burglary

Robbery and burglary are property crimes that can be charged as first, second and third-degree indictable offenses.

Sexual Assault, Megan's Law, and Other Sex Crimes

Rape (referred to as “sexual assault” in New Jersey) and other sex crimes carry the potential for fines, imprisonment, sex offender registration, and numerous other penalties under New Jersey law. In addition, the practical consequences of being accused of sexual assault or convicted of a sex crime can be immeasurable, and can include being kicked out of your home or denied access to your children. Our attorneys defend clients accused of all sex crimes in Flemington, NJ, including:

Weapons Offenses

In New Jersey, simply possessing a firearm or other weapon without a “lawful purpose” can expose you to fines, imprisonment and other penalties. If you are accused of possessing or using a firearm during an assault, robbery or other crime, you can be facing penalties that are significantly greater than those that would otherwise apply. Contact a Flemington criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

White Collar Crimes

White collar offenses include various forms of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and other financial crimes. In addition to representing individuals charged with these types of offenses, we also have significant experience defending clients accused of:

Crime Classifications in New Jersey

New Jersey’s classification system for criminal offenses is different from that used in other states and at the federal level. In New Jersey, a crime is either classified as a “disorderly persons offense” or an “indictable offense;” and, within each of these categories, there are different levels of severity.

Disorderly Persons Offenses

Disorderly persons offenses are considered to be less-serious violations of the law. However, these crimes still carry the potential for fines and jail time, and a conviction can drastically change your life. Examples of disorderly persons offenses include resisting arrest, simple assault and possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana without a valid Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) card.

  • Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses– Up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine
  • Disorderly Persons Offenses– Up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine

Indictable Offenses

Indictable offenses are serious crimes with penalties starting at up to 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine. There are four degrees of indictable offenses, ranging from fourth-degree offenses such as forgery to first-degree offenses such as aggravated sexual assault, armed robbery and murder.

  • Fourth Degree Indictable Offenses– Up to 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine
  • ThirdDegree Indictable Offenses – A three to five-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $15,000
  • Second Degree Indictable Offenses– A 5 to 10-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $150,000
  • First Degree Indictable Offenses– A 10 to 20-year prison sentence (with the potential for a 25-year, 30-year or life sentence in some cases) and fine of up to $200,000

Many crimes can be charged at different degrees depending upon the facts and circumstances involved. For example, in most cases robbery is a second-degree indictable offense. However, allegations of using a deadly weapon, attempting to inflict serious bodily injury or attempting to kill can elevate robbery to a first-degree indictable offense. Similarly, while burglary is a third-degree crime in most cases, brandishing a weapon or attempting to inflict serious bodily injury can result in a charge for a second-degree indictable offense.

Protecting Your Legal Rights After an Arrest in Flemington, NJ

What should you do if you have been arrested? Should you cooperate with the police? How can you effectively exercise your right to remain silent and your right to legal counsel? What should you do if you believe the police violated your constitutional rights? These are all key questions when you have been charged with a crime; and, in order to make informed decisions, you need to speak with a Flemington criminal defense attorney immediately.

In addition to speaking with a defense attorney after being arrested in Flemington, NJ, you should:

1. Go Over the Circumstances of Your Arrest

In many cases, a key defense strategy will be to demonstrate that the police violated your constitutional rights. With all that is going on, it can be difficult to keep the facts straight, so you should try to write down everything you remember (with as much detail as you can) as soon as possible. What were you doing when the police stopped you? What did the police say to you? What happened after you were placed in custody? These are important details that could have a major impact on the strength of the prosecution’s case against you.

2. Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Regardless of what you have (or haven’t) said to the police so far, you need to exercise your right to remain silent. Politely decline to answer any questions, and calmly but assertively state that you would like to speak with your attorney.

3. Keep Your Case to Yourself

At this point, you should not be discussing your case with anyone other than your attorney. This means that you should not talk about your arrest with friends or family, and you should not post anything on social media.

4. Make Sure You Know Your Court Date

Once you have been arrested, your arraignment should take place fairly quickly. Make sure you know your court date, and be prepared to go in front of the judge with your attorney.

5. Learn About Potential Defenses to Crimes in New Jersey

In order to represent you effectively, your attorney will need to gather many of the facts about your case from you. As a result, in addition to writing down everything you can remember, it will also be helpful for you to have a basic understanding of some of the types of defenses that are available in New Jersey. To learn more, we encourage you to read:

Why Choose Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. in Flemington, NJ

Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. is a full-service law firm with more than 80 attorneys and staff members and 15 office locations throughout New Jersey – including an office at 91 Main Street in Flemington, NJ. Many of the attorneys in our criminal defense practice have been representing defendants for decades, and three of our criminal defense litigators have been certified as Criminal Trial Attorneys by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. We are aggressive advocates for the criminally-accused and we have an unwavering commitment to protecting our clients; and, if you are facing criminal charges, we can use our experience to protect you against a lifetime of regret.

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