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Daniel Rainieri

Daniel Rainieri

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I was born in Toms River, New Jersey and have spent the majority of my life here. After earning my law degree in Philadelphia, I returned to New Jersey and currently reside in Princeton.

My family can be described as your typical blue-collar family, I was raised to value hard-work and kindness over everything else. From a young age, my father always told me that you get what you work, for not what you wish for. He started his own roofing company at the age of 23 with only a high school degree. My mother works at a day care center and has dedicated her life to not only caring for myself and my brother but for the endless cycle of children coming in and out of her workplace every day. She always told me that being kind is the most powerful and least costly act that can make a difference in the world.

At the age of fourteen, I began working construction. To this day, I remember my friends laughing at me each and every summer as they spent their days at the beach, while I was working my fingers to the bone. It never bothered me much because working hard is all I ever knew; this type of mindset has been instilled in me from a young age and has molded my personality as a young adult. As you could imagine, I was by far the youngest and least experienced worker on every construction site, which was always a struggle because I was constantly learning new things and having to adapt every day. Fortunately, the struggle never scared me, I saw it as a challenge and taught myself to embrace it. Construction was a big part of my life, it taught me many things about work ethic and how hard you have to work to earn a penny in this world. I joined the carpenters’ union in college and continued to work every summer and winter breaks. My time spent doing this type of work taught me the most important life lessons and it gave me the opportunity to pay for my undergraduate and law school degrees.   

Despite how much I loved working outside and with my hands, I found myself wanting something different. That is when I decided to go to college and earn a degree. I attended East Carolina University where I entered as a business administration major; the business courses never fully grabbed my attention. This all changed when I took an intro to criminal law class my freshman year; I found myself wanting to learn as much as I can about the law and could not get enough of it. From landmark court cases to the history of our constitution, I loved it all. I had found a school subject I was passionate about and wanted to commit all my energy to. After graduating from ECU, I went straight to Drexel Law School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My love for learning about the law grew stronger there and has grown stronger every day.

I have completed several internships throughout my law school career. I interned at a variety of law firms working in different departments. In addition to those internships, I was also a judicial intern for eight months with the Honorable Judge Aimee Belgard at the Burlington County Superior Courthouse. 

When I am not working, I enjoy fishing, surfing, traveling, and hiking.

I look forward to utilizing my unique combination of hard-work and kindness to provide the most effective services for my clients. 

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